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2020 WEBS - More Information

If you've had a look around the website and are now interested in what we can do for you, check out all the information listed below.

What's Included

Our Standard Site costs €100 to build - it's a one off payment and is not a yearly payment. There is then a monthly package rate of €20 per month. That cost covers hosting your website, maintenance, admin and SEO (to rank on Google). More info on this further down the page.

For this price you get:

  • 4 Website Pages: Home / Contact / + 2 Others (see business types below on options)
  • 1 .com Domain Name
  • Fully Responsive Design (works on all devices)
  • 1 Generic Email Address (gmail, mail, hotmail etc.)
  • Google Map of your Business Premises
  • CMS (Content management system) so you can edit the important parts yourself
  • Contact Form (if required)
  • Link to your Facebook Page

    With the one off payment and the monthly package price of €20, you're paying less than €1 per day for the first year. Yes ONE EURO. Year two onwards, with just the monthly package, you're paying just 66cents per day (less than €5 per week).
    (Prices are +IVA. Sorry folks nowt we can do about that! At least you get to claim it back!)

    What if I need more?

    You need more Pages, Languages, a domain specific email address? No problem, loads can be added! Just check out our Sites Page to see some examples. Here are some ideas:

  • Second Language (Spanish, French, German etc.)
  • Extra Pages
  • Domain Specific Email Address (such as ours: info@2020webs.com)
  • Embed Facebook on your Site
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Cookie Policy Pop-up

    Any other things you'd like added to the Standard Package? Just ask and we'll see what we can do!

    Business Type Page Options

    You can see on our Sites Page some ideas of the options, but here are a few examples as well:

  • Bar: Home, Contact & Location, Food & Snacks, Events (eg Live Sport on TV for the week)
  • Restaurant: Home, Contact & Location, Menu & Prices, Drinks (or Special Offers etc.)
  • Mobile Car Cleaning/Valeting: Home, Contact & Location, Services & Prices, Areas Covered
  • Tattoo & Piercing: Home, Contact & Location, Services & Prices, Previous Work Gallery
  • These examples are simply guidelines, it's really entirely up to you. You may need 2 Services Pages, or a Channel Listing Page, a Promotions Page etc.

    Does this suit your Business?

    These websites suit any small business looking for a website on a tight budget: Cafes, bars, restaurants, cleaners, mobile services, beauty, barbers, shops - you name it, we can do it! Where are you based? It doesn't matter! Everything can be organised online so you can be anywhere in the world, we can still supply your new site.

  • Small to Medium Business ventures
  • Any Business Type, any Location!
  • Companies dealing in Multiple Languages
  • Simple editing sections means you don't waste much time on updates
  • What do we need from you?

    Ok, so there are a few things we need from you! Looking at some of the example sites, you'll get a feel for the content information on a website to describe your business and products or services. We need this content (or at least some!) to get the ball rolling. Never fear, we will send a template document on what we need from you. Here's some pointers, with more info below them.

  • Content Information - We need the text filler for your new site
  • Images - The more the better
  • Your Contact Information
  • Your Opening Hours
  • Your USPs (Unique Selling Points)
  • 5-10 Google search Keyphrases
  • Oh yes, a Deposit!!
  • Content Information: This can include anything you feel is relevant to your business - about the company, years trading, experience, your products or services, where you offer the products or services (you may offer products for sale Worldwide or just locally, your cleaning business may have a service area radius of 100km or a region or county etc.) If you require your site in a second language, we need the same content info supplied. We can do this for you, but we freelance this out to fluent speakers of the particular language (We NEVER use Google translate on a website), which obviously costs money. We do not make a penny on this, and the charge is added to your site build price. Therefore, the best option is to take the finished site content to a friend who speaks the language fluently, and buy them a beer or two!

    Images - Your brain can process images 60,000 times faster than it can process words. In an instant, an image can convey an idea or an emotion which will stick with you much longer than the words on a page. Keep the text short and sweet, and supply images to sell your goods, products or services. We ask for a minimum of 20 images but as many as you can muster and make sure they are good quality, a decent picture can make all the difference. We need at least 75% of the images to be in 'landscape' mode (wider than taller) as they just work better.

    Contact Information: Telephone number to use on the website (along with whether you want contact via WhatsApp), your business address, your email address (if you prefer to use one your already have). If you already have a Google Map set up for your business, send us the link as well.

    USPs: A Unique Selling Point (or Proposition) is what you have as a product or service that your competitor(s) does not - In a restaurant it could be a specialist dish of the house, a bar may have a range of craft beers (or a draught ale from back home), a large range of gins (seems to be thing now!), live sport, live music, a mobile cleaning business which comes to your home, beautician specializing in a particular product or range, a bristle dart board (anyone in Spain will know these are massively outnumbered by the electronic types).... You tell US! We need to know what you do to stand out from the rest!

    Search Keyphrases: We need you to supply us with 5-10 Keyphrases you would hope people would use to find you on a search engine (ok, Google then). What you think people would type in to find your particular business. This brings together your USPs and your Keyphrases together. We're pretty good at helping with these so long as you can supply your USPs! Some examples:

  • Laundry Service Costa Blanca North - Type that into Google and see where our Prestige Laundry Service website pops up
  • Fútbol televisado en vivo en Denia -(live televised football in Denia) Page 1 Google
  • English bar in Denia - Page 1 Google
  • Please note, we can not guarantee Page One on Google. For the monthly package price that's impossible and also depends on your business type and the quantity of competition, but we do strive to get you as near as possible! (If you want more SEO work per month to increase those ranking, we can upgrade your Package no problem at any time.

    We require a deposit of €50 to get the ball rolling. Why 50%? Well, we need to set up server space for each new site, book a domain name, start researching your business type and competitors, and more. You pay the remainder only when the site is complete to YOUR satisfaction. Payment can be made to our business bank account in Spain (Transferwise is great if you're outside of Spain) or to a Paypal account.

    Contact us now and get your new website live