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2020 WEBS - More Information

If you've had a look around the website and are now interested in what we can do for you, check out all the information listed below.

What's Included

Our Standard Site costs €100 to build - it's a one off payment and is not a yearly payment. There is then a monthly package rate of €20 per month (currently on offer at €10 per month). That cost covers hosting your website, maintenance, admin and SEO (to rank on Google).

For this price you get:

  • 4 Website Pages: Home / Contact / + 2 Others (see business types below on options)
  • Fully Responsive Design (works on all devices)
  • 1 Generic Email Address (gmail, mail, hotmail etc.)
  • Google Map of your Business Premises
  • CMS (Content management system) so you can edit the important parts yourself
  • Contact Form (if required)
  • Link to your Facebook Page
  • Websites for Small Businesses

    What if you need more?

    You need more pages, more languages, a domain specific email address (eg info@2020webs.com), embed FB on your website, Cookie Policy? No problem, loads can be added! Any other things you'd like added to the Standard Package? Just ask and we'll see what we can do.

    Business Type Page Options

    Here are a few examples:

  • Bar: Home, Contact & Location, Food & Drinks Menu, Events (eg Live Sport on TV for the week, or live music / entertainment)
  • Restaurant: Home, Contact & Location, Menu & Prices, Drinks (or Special Offers etc.)
  • Mobile Car Cleaning/Valeting: Home, Contact & Location, Services & Prices, Areas Covered
  • Tattoo & Piercing: Home, Contact & Location, Services & Prices, Previous Work Gallery
  • Hair & Beauty: Home, Contact & Location, Services & Prices, Picture Gallery
  • These examples are simply guidelines, it's really entirely up to you. You may need 2 Services Pages, or a Channel Listing Page, a Promotions Page etc.

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